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life in lockdown 3

Hi All,

So we find ourselves here again, lockdown number 3. How are you all coping? I have heard mixed emotions from many people. If you had asked me a year ago would I enjoy walking and sitting at home I would of told you that you were nuts! "me stay at home not chance" but amazing after 25 weeks of on and off not working over 10 months this is actually becoming normal! which is scary!. It has definitely given me time to reflect, appreciate the little things, notice my surroundings as always too busy to actually stop! Don't get me wrong I have just this week started to look at the business, make changes and plan for our reopening. This is why I am writing this blog to let you guys know why I have been so quiet on social media and communication with you all. A bit of an apology.

When we returned to work in July after the first lockdown after a few weeks of craziness I started to get pain in my right breast, ignored it as you do, working too hard etc thought I had pulled something. As time went on taking tablets most days for the pain I decided to go to see my GP. Who was extremely quick off the mark and got me an appointment for a scan and biopsy. The scan showed a large lump the size of a golf ball of which I could not feel believe it or not. They were pretty sure from the needle biopsy and scan it was not cancer. But no one is ever 100% until it is tested properly.

I was then told the lump needed to be removed. I have had something similar before so I just shrugged it off in true Sarah style! So after a wonderful Christmas {which believe me I didn't think would be after being shut down before the busiest week of the year}. I went in for surgery last Friday 8th January. Was a great stay felt like I was on holiday in a 5 star hotel, after a year of not doing anything it was amazing! weird saying that but the care was second to none. Obviously as you guys know with me nothing is straight forward, always a drama! I ended up losing nearly a pint of blood in a short space of time. Had a funny turn, blood pressure dropped, oxygen, drips etc etc. Had to make sure they knew I was there! Any way after all that an extra night in hospital I got to come home. But the bloody drama doesn't stop there I had a reaction to the dressing and am currently getting over massive blisters that now look like burns! Sounds horrible? yep it is but getting better and stronger every day. Louise has moved in with me to help love her as she is equally going through a rough time.

This is another story!. I got the all clear on Friday Cancer free!!! Feeling very lucky and thankful I hadn't realised how worried I actually was until I got the news. But unfortunately for Louise its a different story! she has been diagnosed with Cancer of the bone marrow! Its knocked us all side ways but in true Louise style she is positive and hoping the 24 weeks of chemotherapy and steroids followed by stem cell treatment this could put her into remission for 5 to 8years. or even longer. I will be updating everyone of her progress, she has only just become part of the Sarah Riggott Team but we will miss her massively. We intend to continue in our bubble helping one another stay sane.

So now you know why I have been quiet. I really do hope you are all safe and sane. We miss you all. Aidan and Milly are doing ok too. Doing lots of online education and trying to stay busy. Only 4 weeks until Boris speaks again and we may have some idea when we may return to work. We have products available online with free delivery within a 10 mile radius. Also for limited time we have 25% off all retail and a few Christmas KMS packs going for a bargain online too. visit our online shop at If you are struggling or just fancy a catch up I have the salon phone 01635282387 call me anytime I would love to hear from you.

Anyone who had appointments before Christmas they will automatically be first on the priority list and then everyone else will be placed on there list in date order.

Hoping this hasn't been too heavy to read we are all still smiling and grateful that we haven't been personally affected by Covid. I sometimes forget what is going in this crazy world we are living in.

Sending you all so much LOVE.

See you soon.

All my love

Sarah xxx

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1 Comment

Tricia Williamson
Tricia Williamson
Jan 18, 2021

Sarah I am so sorry to hear about the awful time you and Louise have had. Having had cancer myself the fact that you have each other for support will play a huge factor in Louise’s recovery. My friend had chemo and stem cell therapy for multiple myeloma over 15 years ago and is still doing well so try not to think about ‘time’. She was told it would give her 5-10 years if she was lucky as well. Thinking of you all. I expect I will see you sometime in February/March as my appointment wasn’t until next week. X

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